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The final confirmation

Sonntag, März 19th, 2006

Well, after having a confirmation that I am accepted from my manager in India, and from his manager, I got another one. This time, It’s from the Vice President – HR. Wow!

I think it should finally be fixed once and for all. And I know that I won’t have to drive. As far as my colleagues told me, to survive in Indian traffice, one has to be borne there. So I am quite happy that I will get some kind of transportation. Most likely, I will have a car with driver which I share with other SAP employees 🙂 Quite nice, I’d say.

Let me in!

Mittwoch, März 15th, 2006

Still looking for any reasons why India is better than the US? I found one: the visa. When I listen to my friends, who pay 700+ € (in advance, of course), have to fill out dozens of forms, and have to visit the embassy, once across Germany, I lean back and chuckle lightly.

Applying for the visa really is a piece of cake. Two pages, in total about 60 words, and that’s it. Being used to the US questions á la „Do you plan to overthrow the US government?“ or „Are you a member of a radical organization?“ (like one would really check that box;) ), I only raised my eyebrows lightly at the questing „Name of father or husband“. I won’t comment on that, I guess that’s part of being intercultural…

Additional stuff I needed:

  • A letter of invitation (which I got by fax half a day after I asked for it from my Indian department),
  • two pictures,
  • a proof of payment,
  • and the passport, of course

and that’s it 🙂

Oh yea, the payment. Take a guess! 200 €? Nope, too much. 100€? Still to much! A mere 50€ for half a year in India, plus 7€ shipping costs.

All of the forms and information I needed are available online, at or (same page, different name, available in German and English).

Well, now I have to wait and hope that I will be accepted…wish me luck, guys

A flight to paradise

Freitag, März 3rd, 2006

Quite far away, this India…

About 6300 km…

4:30 h time difference

9 hours flight

But hey, Lufthansa takes you there.

Or any other major airline, as far as large cities (such as Bangalore) are concerned. For me, it will be Lufthansa, and I have my ticket lying here beside me on my desk. I know, I know, today one has to have those fancy e-tickets, but I prefer to have my ticket in my hands. I’ll be leaving 7th of May, so if you want to come to the airport and wave goodbye, you’re welcome 😉

Flight booking is easy for SAP employees. TQ3 has it’s office inhouse at SAP Walldorf, so you just go there, tell the guy at the desk where you want to go (and when), and that’s it. No hassle with the payment (my manager will get the bill), and you get your ticket right there.

By the way, you can also call, in case you lack the time or energy to walk over there.

What’s been done so far…

Mittwoch, März 1st, 2006

Well, I finally got this blog up, but I haven’t been lazy up to now. I’ll sum up what I’ve done so far to get to India.

Once upon a time, in a company far, far away… (Autumn 2005, SAP)

It all started with the question: „Where am I going?“ No, not in my life (that’s a different issue), but for my time abroad. The usual answers (USA, China, …) didn’t quite appeal to me. At that time, I have been in the Service&Support department, located at the beautiful SAP location in St. Leon-Rot. Nice place, lots of green, canteen with a small river flowing through, …

Sorry, I’m drifting off. It was a fun time there, and they are cooperating with a department in India, at Bangalore. Now that got me thinking. India is a nice country, and I wanted to go there sometimes anyways. A co-student of mine, who had been to India, had a bunch of great experiences. And I had a good relation to my department manager…there’s nothing better than a bit of networking.

So I wrote a mail over there. And waited. I wrote another mail. I talked to my department manager, so he would put in a good word for me at the next conference call. As I should learn later, my application climbed quite a way through the hierarchy. Finally, I got a word: I’m in! It was now december 2005.

(mehr …)

A warm welcome

Mittwoch, März 1st, 2006

Hello and a warm welcome to all of you!

Finally, I have managed to get this blog up and running, and no I just have to add some content. If you want to know who I am, look at the About Me page. I have written down some of my motives to write this blog here.

In case I use some words you do not understand, or which sound somewhat German to you, have a look at the page about the BA system, where I explain some of them.

If anything else remains unclear, have a go at the comments. I will try to answer questions there.

Hope to meet you again,