The first workday (cont’d)

Hey, I’m back. Not only have I survived my first constact with Indian food, but I have also encountered the Indian work hierarchy.

Unlike other location, the Indian canteen, which is located in the 7th floor and has a magnificent view over the neighboring construction site, is more a buffet style. I can’t tell you what exactly was on the menu today, because I have no idea myself. But I can tell you one thing – it was very spicy. But it tasted well, and the vanilla ice creme dessert helped to soothe my poor mouth a bit.

Until now (Posting times are Indian Standard Time, UTC +5:30, or CEST +3:30) I still don’t know exactly what I will do the following months. My tutor had another interview with me about what I did in my last IMS practcial term, and now he has to talk again with Neel, whom I introduced before, about my assignment. By the way, Neel knew of course weeks before my arrival about my experiences. At least I know that I will work in Mobile Asset Management (regards to Jochen). The questions which pop up immediately are

  1. Why did Neel not plan beforehand?
  2. Why can’t my mentor decide himself?

An answer to question 2 is definately the higher hierarchy differences in India, along with the need to be reassured of back-up before making a decision. But for question one…well, as far as I know Indians are very keen on personal relationships, so maybe he wanted to get to know me first. I cannot imagine a nother reason.

Now I am waiting for a decision to be made (hopefully today), and passing my time with … nothing … I’ll update you when I know more.

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  1. sanni sagt:

    *lol* hast du etwa im Unterricht nicht richtig aufgepasst? Du solltest doch wissen, dass man at the whole looken muss und dass es da gewisse Unterschiede gibt zwischen den Polies und den Monos 😉
    Hast doch nicht etwa zu viel Lux (hiess das so?) gespielt? *fg*

    wenn ich das holmsi erzaehle *g*

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