The first workday

Well, well, well. Getting up this morning was quite hard. Temperature inside the room has risen to 27 C, because I haven’t yet figured out how to start the air conditioning. But after a hearty lunch (toast with jam and some cereals), I headed off to work. The shuttle is an old bus. A very old bus. I’m surprised that it’s still runnning, but then again, it got about the same age as most other vehicles I’ve ssen so far.

Transportation seems to evolve around motorcycles („Helmet? What’s that?“), motorized rikshas (open with three wheels) and honking cars. I think that sometimes people are blowing the horn for no reason at all. Maybe they like the sound of it…

The office I’m working in is located in the Salarpuria Tech Parc, a rather new office complex about 45 minutes away from the guest house. It’s one office. A large one. Even large than all the other open-plan offices I have been working in. The cubicle walls are about at head high when sitting, so one can easily communicate with all of his or her neightbors, and anyone standing up can easily be seen. I think this suits the work style of helping each other.

By now I have encountered two technical problems, a manager coming later than me, and no task yet. Assignment, as Neel calls it. Neel, whose full name is Neelakantan Padmanabhan, is my manager. He has „forwarded“ me to someone else, whose name I temporarily forgot (shame on me), who will be my mentor and give me my task, sorry, assignment, to work on. Sometimes this afternoon. So I found the time for updating my blog a bit (about time it was), and then…Well, It’s about lunch time. Thinking about eating again :).

Oh yea, I almost forgot. The building has air conditioning 😀 Otherwise I’d be doomed. And sorry for any typos, I still have to get used to the US keyboard layout.

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  1. sanni sagt:

    Hey Martin,

    wir haben genau das gleiche Problem hier in Amiland gehabt 🙂 Nur the other way around *smile*
    Wir haben unsere Klimaanlage nicht angekriegt. Eigentlich sollte ma auch denken, dass es Mitte Mai auch schon schoen warm sein sollte, doch leider haben die hier nie was von Isolierung gehoert und auch doppeltverglaste Fenster sind ihnen kein Begriff. Naja was soll. Wir haben ein bissel da der control rumgespielt (soviele Knoepfe sind da eigentlich auch nicht dran *g*) und siehe da, irgendwann (nach 3 Tagen) lief sie dann auch 🙂

    Ja, pass wie gesagt auf, dassde dich nicht erklaetest!!!

  2. Julia sagt:

    Bin gestern nach der Arbeit heim gelaufen. Kam an ner Apotheke vorbei und da hing ein Thermomether unterm Schild (*blink* Uhrzeit *blink* Temperatur*) … 10°C … muß ich noch was sagen? Heute ist meteorologischer Sommeranfang und hier pissts und hagelts und is arschkalt, so dass ich am liebsten die Heizung wieder anschmeißen wollt *grml*
    Hab dann mal wieder kurz an euch alle gedacht… mannmannmanney
    Grüße in die Sonne

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