How Bangaloreans party

There is one big problem when you want to spend the night out partying: Each and every club in the city will turn on the lights at 11:30 pm the latest. Since the police comissioners son hat a fatal accident after a night of partying, this rule is in place and is stricly followed by the club owners. So, to have a longer party, you have to do it out of Bangalore.

Which brings us to the next problem: You have to know about it. And that works usually this way: Some Indian you know knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone who knows where a party is. But he doesn’t know how to get there. So he calls another friend who knows where it might be. You drive some time, and you discover: He doesn’t know… so he calls another friend, who finally know, and you get there only 1.5 hours after you set off…but that’s the way it is.

We had this experience after we watched quarter final game of Germany (yipee!) in the „Miller’s 46“. The address: 46, Miller Street :). The German employees of Bosch had rented the big room on the top of the restaurant and watched the game on some projector there, and thanks to some social networking, we were put on the guest list.

When the game was over, we wanted to go to a party, because it was our social paedagogic friends‘ last night in Bangalore before their cross-Indian trip. So one of the indians who was there with us said he knows someone…(see above). He called up a friend with another car, beacuse we were too many people for his own alone. His friend said he would arrive in twenty minutes, so after one hour we were indeed ready to go. No, said friend did not wait with us. Yes, the twenty minutes were indeed only an estimate ;).

When we finally arrived at the club, we had to get in first. One thing you should know about Indian clubs is that there is a slight preference for couples. This means that a couple pais the same pice for entry as the single man (called a „stag“) does. Two for the price of one :). So we paid our fees and made our way among the masses on the dance floor. Well – „masses“ on the half-empty dance floor. Drinks were rather expensive, especially the water, which only cost Rs 50 instead of the usual MRP (Maximimum Retail Price, found on all products) of Rs 12.

So we danced there until about 6 am. The music was okay, but far too loud. Also, the last DJ was not in on my taste of music and presented a rather Hip-Hop based selection of music, with the absolute down point being a song consisting of 10 notes and 8 words, but lasting for terrible 20 minutes.

The trip home posed a bit of a problem: our friend, who drove us here, had quite a few drinks and we did not want to take that risk… Second part of the problem: There was only one riksha at the club, which was a bit outside of town, and whose driver therefor had a very good position for the price negotiation. We ended up paying 800 Rs for the ride which would have cost us 200 Rs at most :(. All in all it was nice, but I was told that the parties at the „Golden Coins Club“ are better. Well, I’ll have to try…

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