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The first week

Dienstag, Mai 16th, 2006

So, I have successfully survived a whole week in India already. Only 15 more to go :). Looking back, this was one of the most intersting weeks of my life – with more to come up.

By now, I have less and less difficulties understanding the Indian English, at least with my colleagues at the office. As Indians tend to speak very quickly and „nuschelnd“ (Leo translates it as mumbling), it’s quite hard to understand them at first, especially at one in the morning after a nine-hour flight….

Work has finally started to pick up. I may not have written it before, but I am working in the area of Mobile Business. So I have been working on customer messages this week, and tomorrow there’s some meeting scheuled regarding the IMS India pages in the SAP Corporate Portal, SAP’s intranet. It seems as if I am supposed to work on them (as I said, Indians are hard to understand ;)).

And, finally, DSL is being installed at the guesthouse, so I will finally be able to access the internet at home without having to go to the roof – wich can be quite uncomfortable when it’s raining. I have also gotten a cable for my digital camera, so if power does not fail (again) tonight, I will be able to get some pictures online.

May the force be with you!

Discoveries in Salarpuria

Dienstag, Mai 9th, 2006

Hey! Today was a day of discoveries. It all started on may way to work with another German SAP employee who is also staying at the guest house. He told me not only of several good restaurants in Bangalore (and how to get there cheap), but also that there is WLAN access on the roof of the house! What joy!

Discovery day continued with two very useful tools for work:

  • Desktop Sidebar, a tool which docks itself to the side of your screen and provides useful tools, such as a clock, weather forecast, RSS news feed (where you can watch this very blog’s advances), Outlook integration, and much more…
  • MS Virtual Desktop Manager, which allows you to switch between four desktops…surf the web on one of them, and when your manager walks by, switch to the one with your work on 🙂 On this page, you’ll also find some other cool tools. Remember to check out the Alt-Tab replacement.

If you want to install them on a PC without administrator access, just make sure you install them into a directory you have write access to and ignore all errors. With sidebar, you’ll have to use an older version, such as build 76 which I use. Plugin installing is also not possible.

(mehr …)

The first workday (cont’d)

Montag, Mai 8th, 2006

Hey, I’m back. Not only have I survived my first constact with Indian food, but I have also encountered the Indian work hierarchy.

Unlike other location, the Indian canteen, which is located in the 7th floor and has a magnificent view over the neighboring construction site, is more a buffet style. I can’t tell you what exactly was on the menu today, because I have no idea myself. But I can tell you one thing – it was very spicy. But it tasted well, and the vanilla ice creme dessert helped to soothe my poor mouth a bit.

Until now (Posting times are Indian Standard Time, UTC +5:30, or CEST +3:30) I still don’t know exactly what I will do the following months. My tutor had another interview with me about what I did in my last IMS practcial term, and now he has to talk again with Neel, whom I introduced before, about my assignment. By the way, Neel knew of course weeks before my arrival about my experiences. At least I know that I will work in Mobile Asset Management (regards to Jochen). The questions which pop up immediately are

  1. Why did Neel not plan beforehand?
  2. Why can’t my mentor decide himself?

An answer to question 2 is definately the higher hierarchy differences in India, along with the need to be reassured of back-up before making a decision. But for question one…well, as far as I know Indians are very keen on personal relationships, so maybe he wanted to get to know me first. I cannot imagine a nother reason.

Now I am waiting for a decision to be made (hopefully today), and passing my time with … nothing … I’ll update you when I know more.

The first workday

Montag, Mai 8th, 2006

Well, well, well. Getting up this morning was quite hard. Temperature inside the room has risen to 27 C, because I haven’t yet figured out how to start the air conditioning. But after a hearty lunch (toast with jam and some cereals), I headed off to work. The shuttle is an old bus. A very old bus. I’m surprised that it’s still runnning, but then again, it got about the same age as most other vehicles I’ve ssen so far.

Transportation seems to evolve around motorcycles („Helmet? What’s that?“), motorized rikshas (open with three wheels) and honking cars. I think that sometimes people are blowing the horn for no reason at all. Maybe they like the sound of it…

The office I’m working in is located in the Salarpuria Tech Parc, a rather new office complex about 45 minutes away from the guest house. It’s one office. A large one. Even large than all the other open-plan offices I have been working in. The cubicle walls are about at head high when sitting, so one can easily communicate with all of his or her neightbors, and anyone standing up can easily be seen. I think this suits the work style of helping each other.

By now I have encountered two technical problems, a manager coming later than me, and no task yet. Assignment, as Neel calls it. Neel, whose full name is Neelakantan Padmanabhan, is my manager. He has „forwarded“ me to someone else, whose name I temporarily forgot (shame on me), who will be my mentor and give me my task, sorry, assignment, to work on. Sometimes this afternoon. So I found the time for updating my blog a bit (about time it was), and then…Well, It’s about lunch time. Thinking about eating again :).

Oh yea, I almost forgot. The building has air conditioning 😀 Otherwise I’d be doomed. And sorry for any typos, I still have to get used to the US keyboard layout.